Nutritional Therapy:

We provide advice on nutritional changes that optimizes health and prevent disease.  Generally, dietary recommendations are made after a detailed intake on diet is taken.  We start with changes that can be made with the diet itself and may also recommend nutritional supplementation for certain conditions.  We are also aware of precautions to take in order avoid possible negative interactions with pharmaceutical drugs patients may be taking and supplements prescribed.

Botanical Medicine:

Botanical medicine offers highly effective treatments for a variety of conditions without many of the side effects seen with drugs.  Herbal medicines contain the whole property of the herb itself which works differently than an isolated component of the herb.  We are also very knowledgeable of herbs that may interact with drugs traditionally prescribed.

Acute and Constitutional Homeopathy:

Homeopathy is a subtle, yet often powerful medicine.  The homeopathic intake requires an extensive interviewing process that uncovers mental, emotional, and physical symptoms of the patient.  This interview is conducted similar to a counseling session, which involves taking a very detailed history of each patient.  Based on the information collected in the interview, an individualized “remedy” is prescribed for the patient.  Often, in the case of constitutional dosing, the remedy is taken one time.  Getting the correct remedy may require some follow-up visits to finely tune the treatment to the individual.

Life-style Counseling:

Making changes in life-style is a long, sometimes frustrating process that often needs direction and motivation.  Coaching and team work is often needed not only to make big changes in life, but to help those changes stick.  We offer tools, advice, and support on making life-style changes to improve overall health.

Laboratory Testing:

We offer services that include all necessary lab work.